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Acne Extraction Patch Making Machine

✧ Say hello, skincare enthusiasts! ✧

Introducing our game-changing Acne Extraction Machine for making Patches - the ultimate solution for unlocking clear, radiant skin. ✦✦✦

Trasy Enterprises, Mumbai has developed a machine to make Acne Extraction Patches.

The therapeutic formulation includes a topical acne drug, a solvent that dissolves the topical acne drug and a pressure sensitive adhesive.

The formulation is coated directly onto the hydrophilic nonwovens or the nonwovens are placed over the release liner after coating the release liner.

After the steps described above, the nonwovens are put into the die-cut and package machine is used to cut an adequate patch.

The patch is applied to the face or nose. The formulation penetrates into the hair follicles or sebaceous glands. The lug of acne sticks to the polymer patch. The acne is extracted from the hair follicle as the patch is removed.

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