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Adhesive Log Roll 6 Shaft Slicing Machine

Trasy Enterprises introduces 6 Shafts PVC Gum Tape Slice cutting machine:


Centralized control panel: all operation controls. For this machine are centralized in a control panel.

Control panel provides major functions: material and blade running speed (LED screen display), width counter, number of cuts counter.

Silicon lubricating system prevents the blade from sticking on adhesives and allows smooth cutting at all times. Silicon liquid is re-circulated.

The blade is back pressure controlled through an air and hydraulic combination, giving maximum cutting stability and fast blade retract after each cut, cutting pressure can be easily adjusted to suit various types of materials.

Cutting circular knife and main shaft power force adopted with AC step-lessadjusting motor and available in any rotating direction.

Cutting width setting up controlled by servo motor adjustable equipped with ball screw to secure accurate size

PLC programmable control.

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