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Automatic Insect Sticky Traps Making Machine

Trasy Enterprises has developed a Hot Melt Coating Machine which has facility of Gravure printing on the substrate, then coating hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive on both the faces of the substrate. Further in line punching operation and cutting is performed.

The machine is equipped with magnetic powder breaks, web guide systems, slot dies, pre-melters, hole punching units, perforation blades and cutting in line.

This machine is developed for making yellow sticky traps. These sticky traps are used in agriculture nurseries and fields to do the Pest management.

Finding out which pest insects are eating your plants is the first step in any Integrated Pest Management program and this type of sticky trap is the good choice for monitoring and control.

These Yellow Pest Traps work as a visual attractant for a wide range of crawling and flying insect pests. They are drawn in by the bright color and become hopelessly stuck. Once they are trapped, the gridded surface makes it easy to count. The sticky surface not only eliminates adult pests caught there, it prevents them from reproducing and creating more to deal with. There is a very low risk to beneficial organisms.

Use these sticky traps to lure, trap and monitor insect pests in greenhouses, gardens, orchards & vineyards, nurseries, grow rooms, hydroponics, aquaponics, interiorscapes, landscapes, container plants, row crops and houseplants.

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