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Carpet Labels coated with Hot-Melt Glue :

Usually, the carpet suppliers face problems with a good solution on carpet labels. Normal printing adhesive labels does not stick strong on the carpet and get easily peeled off.

Trasy Enterprises Hot Melt Coating Machine is used to make hot melt adhesive carpet label. This solid adhesive is not sticky at room temperature. However once it heat up by iron, adhesive would melt, and get quite strong stickiness to hold the labels on carpet.

A Hot Melt Coating Machine made by Trasy Enterprises is used to make Heat stick silk satin fabric coated with Hot-Melt Glue For Carpet Iron Labels. This label is made from the shiniest and the most high quality Polyester fabric and is printed in various color mixtures.

This kind of label can be used in the industries of: machine-made carpet, mattresses, flooring, shoes, clothing, etc.

Carpet label can be used for presenting brand and various following information on the carpets produced in different design and different structures and you can ̣insert brand logo or barcode on these labels and control traceability of the product.

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