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Hot Melt Coating Machine

This machine is coating Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive to Nonwoven fabric. The medical tapes used in wound care dressings, device attachment, medical devices and in other surgical settings are made with a medical-grade hot melt adhesive. This breathable and conformable material provides moderate stretch and excellent adhesion to skin. Unlike other specialty materials, nonwovens can be converted to produce accurate finished components that can meet tight tolerance standards.

This machine provides rolls of tape required to slit to custom widths or medical tape components cut to custom shapes and dimensions. Finished components can be made in multiple formats including finished parts wound on a roll of liner, parts on singular sheets of liner, or parts as individual pieces with a liner on one or both sides to protect any potentially exposed adhesive.

Trasy Enterprises can design a solution that solves a functional need but is also customized to fit in with your existing processes. Our diverse manufacturing capability allows us to provide you the machines you need in the exact size, shape, and format required for your design and process while being able to scale for production in a cost-effective manner.

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