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Hot Melt Label Stock Making

The Best Hot Melt Coating Machine for making Label Stock by Trasy Enterprises. The models range from 20" to 60" coating width with 50 mpm to 150 mpm coating speeds. The Internationally advanced level. Rewind and unwind both with two stations and equipped with automatic tension control. The machine can change the rolls of base material without stop. Results in reduction of wastage of paper. The Hot Melt Coating Machine is controlled by PLC to assure precision control of coating speed and glue amount.

The following clip shows a thin layer of 15 gsm hot melt is coating on paper. Rotating joints provided for chilled water circulation.

The 1st unwinder carries 1m diameter roll. It is controlled by magnetic powder brake and edge position control electronic web guide system.

The coated paper is laminated to the base material mounted on second unwinder. The second unwinder also has brake control and Web guide.

Both substrates are laminated at the nip. Then it is rewound. The tension is controlled by magnetic powder brake and electronic control.

The control panel is with touch screen HMI and programmed PLC. This screen monitors / displays the line speed of machine, total meters coated and thickness of glue. This can be altered while the machine is running.

There are mechanical switches provided for the frequently used operations to increase the lifespan of touch screen.

This is a fully automatic Indian make Hot Melt Coating Machine.

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