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Machine Making Surgical Sterilized Reels

Surgical E.T.O. and steam sterilization reels are used to sterilize critical items by steam or E.T.O. sterilization.

Trasy Enterprise make machine for making E.T.O. and steam sterilization reels. These reels are 200 meter rolls. The widths varying from 5 to 50 centimetre. This can be cut to different sizes. Indicator colour will change after sterilization. The Transparent compound film can show what inside the pouch. One can Print with double sterilization indicators for providing information on ethylene oxide & steam vapor processes.

The Sterilized Reel Pouch Making Machine is designed for producing Medical Pouch, Sterilized Reel, Sterilized Pouches used in the pharmaceutical industries.

Trasy Enterprises, ‘Sterilized Reel Pouch Making Machine’ consist of Main drive AC motor and inverter control. The Sterilized Reel Pouch length is accurately controlled by servo motor. Machine has a photocell sensor for greatly upgrading the production speed. Twin shafts unwind stand suits for two layers of different materials and multi-line production which upgrades efficiency greatly. Two sets of dancer-roller unit provide the stable feeding tension both upper and lower web. Sealing Die auto ascending device which can prevent the material been overheated or broken when machine stop. The sealing strength is controlled by varying the pressure, temperature and sealing time.

The machine is Equipped with microprocessor PID temperature controllers provide the most accurate and fastest heating performance. The machine is provided with knives for roll partition.

The touch screen and PLC control the machine.

Trasy Enterprises can provide the machine with Optional accessories like Web guiding systems. Gusset bag making device. Water cooling device and Medical Roll winding device with Twin shafts.

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