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Hot Melt Coating Machine for Making Sticky Insect Trap & Indicators:

This Hot Melt Coating Machine produces the Insect Sticky Indicators. These glue traps are also called as pheromone traps as it attracts and traps flying and creeping insects. As an integral part of integrated pest management program, they can be used in commercial crops, green houses, homes, orchards, flower and vegetable gardens, anywhere insects are a problem. It is an effective product that works in the rain, sun or wind that requires no on-going maintenance, has no poison, no chemicals and no vapours or baiting.

The machine in Video:

This Hot Melt Coating machine in video is a double side Hot Melt Adhesive coating machien. It has 3 unwinding units with powder brakes aand web guides. @ sets of melting units with 2 slot dies. It has Max. coating width is 300 mm, Max. winding diameter is 600 mm.

The Machine is controlled with PLC & runs through touch screen. Inline Sheet cutting is sychronized with Servo Motor.

How to use it :

Yellow colour plastic sheet attracts fruit flies (both male and female), black flies, white flies, shaw-flies, mosquitoes, midges and the day-to-day small flying insects & pests.

Blue trap is more attractive for the thrips; it is also far less attractive to other species & Leaf miners.

White sticky traps for Thrips, Leaf miners, Shore fly, Tarnished plant bug, European apple sawfly, Fungus, Gnats, Flea beetles. Raspberry beetle.

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