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Automatic BOPP Tape Slitting, Conveyor & Core Loading -Unloading

Automatic BOPP Tape Slitting, Conveyor & Core Loading -Unloading

SKU: 126351351935


Slitting BOPP Tape, PE Tape and etc.

Machine Parameters: Max-width of loading jumbo 1600mm

Max-diameter of loading jumbo 800mm

Diameter max. of slit rolls 300mm (2 when shaft)

Width min. of slit rolls 20mm Inner diameter of slit rolls 76.2mm(3 inches)

Rewinding Speed 0-200m/min

Voltage 415V Standard configuration

Main motor(Taiwang Liangji ) AC-5HP Inverter(Mitsubishi) 1set

Drive roller(knurling teflon) Dia:100mm 1 set

Tension roller(knurling teflon) Dia.:101mm 1set

Spread smooth roller Dia.:100mm 1set

Rewinding shaft(Dedicated) Six line type(76mm) 8sets

Polyurethane press roller Linear guideway push type 2sets

Unwinding double roller Integrated 1set

Roll change system Manual, automatic, point 1set

Jumbo loading roller Air expanding shaft(76mm) 1set

Transition roller Diameter:90mm 3sets

Knurling transition roller Diameter:80mm 3sets

Tension device(15kg break) Automatic 1set

Rewinding tension(5kg cluth) Automatic 2sets

PLC control with HMI 7 inches(Mitsubishi) 1 set

Label stick system Manual, Automatic 1 set

Waste recovery rewinder(with broken edge detection) Automatic screw(10000m changing) 1set

Slitting blade Screw flat knife 1set

Noise insulation cover Fully enclosed double-open type 1set

Automatic tube wearing machine 2 sets of mould

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