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BOPP Tape Slitting Machine Set

BOPP Tape Slitting Machine Set

SKU: 632835642834572

We are an Indian company having manufacturing unit in Mumbai, Kurla; as well as in kunshan, China. the above said set is manufactured in China and will be supplied to you under name of our company with warranty of 12 months.


The production speed:

This set of 4 machines can cut 1300 mm wide Jumbo roll. one can convert about 100 boxes in 8 hours or a Jumbo roll of 4000 metres can be converted in 1 hour 45 minutes



1. Full-automatic four-shaft exchange is adopted and the efficiency is improved.

2. Stepless speed regulation of frequency conversion and three-step length setting provide smooth rewinding operation to ensure accurate rewinding length. It can automatically decelerate and stall when operating at high speed.

3. The unwinding tension is adopted with pneumatic braking control. The rewinding tension is adopted with the dual control equipped with the clutch and the independent slide setting for free adjustment of the tensile force.

4. The curved stretch roller is designed to eliminate tape wrinkling during extension and feeding. 5. Pneumatic brake brings the machine to an immediate halt for accurate positioning and labeling. 6. (Optional) Auto labeling and slitting stationery tape functions.


Main Technical Parameters model    TE 008-1300                    TE 008-1600

Effective width                                                     1320 mm             1620 mm

Max. unwind diameter                                       800mm                 800mm

Min. slitting width                                                   12mm                12mm

Max. rewind diameter  4 shafts                        150mm               150mm

Max. rewind diameter 2 shafts                         300mm                300mm

Machine speed                                                    0-180m/min     0-180m/min


Slitting blade 0.2×22×60mm

Main power 5.5KW 

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