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Fly Sticky Strap (Hot Melt) Making Machine

Fly Sticky Strap (Hot Melt) Making Machine

Fly sticky Tape Making Machine:


Trasy Enterprises has developed a machine to make Sticky fly ribbon, fly paper, fly sticker, fly strip or fly tapes by coating Hot Melt Adhesive on tape. Hot Melt Adhesives are water resistant hence can withstand all seasons in open air and sun light. This product is very effective to arrest fly population and wondering of flies in neighborhoods of dairy and poultry manure.


The house fly is considered the major pest fly species associated with dairy and poultry manure, especially in caged-layer operations. This is a cause of public health nuisance complaints in surrounding communities. The effective house fly dispersal ranges from their preferred breeding sources to 1 kilometre radius area. The flies are capable of harbouring more than 100 human and animal disease-causing organisms.


The machine produces sticky tape at 50 mpm speed. Machine has a turret system for high productivity.

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