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Hot Melt Adhesive Coating Machine For Hook Loop Tape

Hot Melt Adhesive Coating Machine For Hook Loop Tape

This Coating machine is specially designed for Hook Loop (Velcro) tape back side coating with hot melt adhesive. This machine consists of two parts.

The gluing tape of measured length rewinding on spool. The other part is Hot Melt glue machine + hot melt hose + hot melt glue die. Trasy Enterprises has more than fifteen years of experience in the Hot Melt Adhesive Coating Industry. Applying the most developed and stable hot melt adhesive coating system for the adhesive tape and gluing process of the hook and loop fasteners.
The equipment is manufactured in India as a step of Atmanirbhar India. This machine has multi-section transmission controlled by VFD and motors, Tension and traction control system, winding torque control and length settings with automatic cut.


Hot Melt Coater Specification: Model HMC 6


Machine Type: Die Coating

Max. Size of coating : 100mm, GSM: 40 to 100, Max.

Speed of coating : Speed 20 mpm. 16, 21... Till 43mm tape you can run at 20 mpm. @ 7.2 gms per meter in 16 mm, and all other in same proportion. Bigger sizes will be proportionally less speed. Eg. 100 mm will run at 10 mpm.

Synchronized coating thickness with speed.

Automatic cutting with PLC and Touch Screen


1. Unwind:2 Stations

To hold 100 mm width Silicon paper.

76 MM core ID.

Powder Brake


2. Coating Station:

Slot Die coating,

Accurate Temp. Control.

All silicon rolls dynamic balanced.

Back up roller Pneumatically operated.

AC Drive for coating roller.


3. Lamination Nip:

Dynamic balanced Metal roll, Silicone roll

Operation & pressure Pneumatic

AC Drive to the nip



4. Rewind: 4 Stations 

To hold max. 100 mm width material.

300 mm Dia. Max.

18 MM core ID.

Tapper tension controlled winding.

AC Drive for controlled winding.


5. Permelter: 2 units

Tank capacity 50 Lit.

Melting Capacity 25 Lit/hr

Dry tank capacity: 25 Lit.

liquid tank capacity 0.5 Lit.

Pump Capacity 0.5 Lit/Min

Accurate Temp. Control.


6. Hot melt Hose

To Supply 5 Kgs/hr

Length 2 m

Accurate Temp. Control.


DIMENTIONS: 16’X 4’X 5.5’

Total Electrical Load : Motors 3 HP + Heaters 18 KW

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