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Hot Melt Adhesive Dispenser

Hot Melt Adhesive Dispenser

SKU: 671253175371

This product works on Compresed air pressure.


Product Description Hot Melt dispensers have quickly gained popularity as the new “hot” trend in the adhesive dispensing technology.


Glue dispensers have been widely used for applications such as box packing, bookbinding, shoe sole binding, diaper sealing, Health care products etc.


The DJ102 is our foot switch operated hot melt dispensing machine. This is good for application in products that need dot (. . . .) or line ( ____ ) coating.


This machine can be used for applications such as box and package sealing and much more. It has a tank capacity of 1.5 KG, a max. Melting rate of 2.5 KG/hr and a max temperature of 220 C.


Advantage of Model: Cost Effective, Heavy duty,

Disadvantage: Requires Compressed air, Has fix position nozzle, Can not Spray Hot Melt.


HOT MELT GLUE AUTOMATIC DISPENSER are widely used in sanitary products (diapers, sanitary napkins ), air filter, non-woven composite, footwear, printing, product assembly, clothing, stickers, packaging industry (carton packaging, cigarette cases, wine Boxes, Gift Boxes, Glasses Cases, Craft Boxes, Jewelry Boxes, Color Boxes, , Coated Composites (trademark papers, labels, double-sided tapes, medical breathable tapes), Product Assemblies (Home Appliances, Furniture fittings, wire and cable) automotive industry (interior seals, headlight manufacturing, windshield assembly) book binding field and other industries.



Tank Capacity KG 1.5

Max. Melting Rate KG\HOUR 2.5

Max. Operation temp. °C 220 Max. Viscosity Cps 120000 Air pressure KG\CM² 4-6 Dimension(L*W*H) MM 400*400*550

Heating Power Watt 600

Power Requirement V 220

Weight KG 15

Out glue type dot /strip / spraying


Please visit following YouTube links to watch the machine in working:

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