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Hot Melt Coating Machine RTS 1100

Hot Melt Coating Machine RTS 1100

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Hot Melt Coating Machine RTS 1100


Main Characteristic:

1. Speed (main engine) & quantity (glue) --controlled by PLC.

2. Temp. Error (less than 1℃) --Adopt intelligent PID temperature control system

3. Teflon Layer(used for sol tank) --Effective to anti-carbonize of the thermosol

4. Gear pump (can precision calculate) --To make sure the steady feeding of the adhesive

5. Alloy steel spray head(high precision) --To guarantee the high quality of coating result

6. Cooling device(high effective) --To ensure the applicable range of basic material

7. Second unwind -- to laminate second substrate

8. Both unwind adopt EPC to make edge correction

9. Unwind fix electric function to load and unload material Application Range: Double side tapes; Duct tapes; Double side sponge adhesive tapes; Clean adhesive tapes; Masking adhesive tapes; Alu.foil tapes; Fabric tapes; Shoes material; Medical dressing tapes; Sticker Label; Trademark Label; Film, Fabric, Textile, Paper & Lamination ...etc.


Coating width: 400-2500mm

Coating weight: 10-200g/m2

Coating speed: 80m/min

Unwind device: 2sets Unwind Diameter: 1000mm

Correction device: 2set

Rewind Diameter: 1000mm

Max temperature: 230℃




    Length of machine: 8400mm Height of machine: 2350mm

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