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Insect Sticky Trap Making Machine

Insect Sticky Trap Making Machine

Machine Specification:

This machine will make rolls of 300 mm (Max.) with 30 gsm hot melt coating.

Process: All processes will be run inline.

  • PVC film Printed with Gravure process.
  • 2 rolls of Silicon paper of 290 mm will be coated with Hot Melt of 30 gsm.
  • And Lamination (transfer of HM on PVC) of Si papers & 0.270mm PVC film.
  • Hole Punching, Perforation and Cutting of Si papers laminated to PVC rolls in set of 25(setable) pcs.


Machine Type: Die coating

Max. Size of coating: 300mm, GSM: 15 to 65

Max. Speed of coating : Speed 15 mpm @30gsm


M/c specifications:

  • Unwind 1: ( 2Sets)

To hold 310 mm max. width material. (Si Paper)450 mm Dia. Max.

76 MM core ID.

Powder Brake

Web Guide


  • Unwind 2:

To hold 300 mm width material. (PVC of 0.27mm)

450 mm Dia. Max.

76 MM core ID.

Powder Brake

Web Guide


  • Coating Station: Die coating (2 Sets)

Accurate Temp. Control.

All silicon rolls dynamic balanced.

Back up roller Pneumatically operated


  • Lamination Nip:

Dynamic balanced Metal roll & Silicone roll

Operation & pressure Pneumatic

Drive to the nip




  • Cutting:

A accumulator provided for the coated material

To punch 1 hole of 5 mm and Perforation line for easy tear.

Pneumatically cut to the set size.


  • Permelter: (2 Sets)

Tank capacity 20 Lit.

Melting Capacity 8 Lit/hr

liquid tank capacity 5 Lit.

Pump Capacity 0.4 Lit/Min

Accurate Temp. Control.

Accurate flow control


  • Hot melt Hose (2 Sets)

To Supply 0.4 Kgs/hr

Length 2 m

Accurate Temp. Control.


8.      DIMENTIONS: 4 m X 2 m X 2 m

9.      Total Electrical Load : Motors 7 HP, Heaters 7.5 KW

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