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Insect Sticky Traps Making Machine

Insect Sticky Traps Making Machine

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This Hot Melt Coater is used for making Sticky Insect Traps


This Hot Melt Adhesive Coating machine will make rolls of 300mm (Max.) width & max 600mm dia. with 30 gsm hot melt coating.


Machine Type:

Slot Die coating Max. Size of coating: 300mm,

GSM: 15 to 65 Max. Speed of coating : Speed 25 mpm @15 gsm


M/c specifications:


Unwind : 2 Units

To hold 310 mm max. width material. 76 MM core ID. Powder Brake Web Guide


Coating Station:

Slot Die coating. Accurate Temp. Control. All silicon rolls dynamic balanced. Back up roller Pneumatically operated.


Lamination Nip:

Dynamic balanced Metal roll & Silicone roll Operation & pressure Pneumatic Drive to the nip


Rewind :

To hold 310 mm max. width material. 500 mm Dia. Max. 76 MM core ID. Tapper tension controlled winding. AC Drive for controlled winding.


Permelter: PM 24

Tank capacity 25 Lit.; Melting Capacity 12 Lit/hr; liquid tank capacity 15 Lit. Pump Capacity 0.4 Lit/Min Accurate Temp. Control. Accurate flow control


Hot melt Hose To Supply 0.4 Kgs/hr Length 2 m Accurate Temp. Control.


DIMENTIONS: 6 m X 2 m X 1.5 m Total Electrical Load : Motors 11 KW



UNWIND : Max. 300mm film width with brake.

CUTTING : Cutting is done by pneumatic knife with very simple procedure of blade setting. PUNCHING: Pneumatic punching unit with X/Y axis movement to position the hole position. DRIVE : Main drive with PMDC drive with thirstier control for step less speed variation.

PULLING DRIVE : AC servo motor driven by microprocessor based with pneumatic pinching rollers.

CONTROL PANEL : Key board for setting length of sheet. All settings & counting numbers are displayed on LCD display. The basic program runs on microprocessor.

COUNTERS: One integrator total production counter. Display of cuts per minute is also provided.

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