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RTH1100 Hot Melt Coating Laminating Machine (with PLC)

RTH1100 Hot Melt Coating Laminating Machine (with PLC)

A. Applied range

RTH Hot Melt Coating Machine is suitable for producing adhesive sticker, label paper.

B. Technical parameter

  • Coating method: SLOT DIE
  • Max. available coating width: 1100mm
  • Coating quality: 12-50g/m2(depends on your product)
  • Equality level: 20g-45g/㎡≤±2
  • Max. line speed: 150m/min
  • Length of all roller surface: 1200mm
  • Max. rewinding diameter: 1000mm
  • Max. unwinding diameter: 1000mm. Roll weight of 1000kgs.
  • Unwinding equipment: 2 sets
  • Rewinding equipment: 1 set
  • RP120H hot melt sprayer: 1 set
  • Melt glue speed: 180kg/h (EVA.3000 centipoise 165)
  • Length of glue-carrying pipe: 3m (1 piece)
  • Temperature: 230
  • Power: app. 40KW
  • Power supply:415V/3ph/50hz (Can be customized)
  • The quantity of glue can be adjusted independently or synchronously with the main machine.

C. Main working parts

        a)    Machine rack

  • The first, second unwinding stand is made of square steel, U steel and steel plate.
  • The machine rack is made of 25mm steel plate, supported by steel tube.
  • The transmission part cover is made of 1.5mm steel plate.

b) First and second unwinding part

  • Adopt single mechanism unwinding design
  • Magnetic powder brake for unwinding: 200N·M; 2 set       (Dongguan Weizhen)
  • Tension control system is Automatic tension control system, 2 set (Ruian Zhongxing)
  • Unwinding shaft: 3″ ; 2 pieces.
  • Both unwinding can lift electrically, adopts one set of EPC edge position system

(Bianfu China), A 3rd EPC edge guider provided at top of the frame before lamination.

        c)    Rewinding part

  • Adopt single shaft mechanism unwinding design
  • Rewinding motor: 11KW; 1set
  • Rewinding shaft: 3″ 1 pieces
  • Rewinding length can be controlled automatically or manually
  • 3 Pcs Bottom & top sheer Cutter with gears provided with trim blower.

d) Glue melt tank (RP120H)

  • The shell is made of U steel, square steel and 1.2mm steel plate.
  • Use aluminum alloy to build. Three-layers (upper, middle and lower) structure.

There is adhibition preventing coat on the inside surface.

  • Adopt high-temperature-resistant high-precision gear glue pump
  • Adopt external precise filters 2 Pcs. (2 pcs extra as spares)
  • The glue pump speed is controlled by gear motor
  • Adopt high precision filter which is set outside
  • Temperature of each layer is controlled by PID system independently
  • Max. temperature is 210
  • Lay in capacity:400L
  • Melt glue speed: 180kg/h (EVA.3000 centipoise 165)
  • Heating power: app. 25KW


        e)    Coating, laminating & roller part

  • Coating head: temperature-resistant alloy steel.
  • Coating roller: 240mm silicon rubber roller with 2 rotary connector
  • Cooling roller: 500mm chromed steel roller with 2 rotary connector
  • Laminating roller: 240mm silicon rubber roller with 2 rotary connector
  • Traction roller: 240mm steel pain roller(Teflon treatment) with 2 rotary connector
  • Guide roller: 80mm aluminum roller, surface anodic protection

        f)    Transmission part

  • Main motor: 7.5KW 1 set     (Anhui Wannan)
  • Rewind Motor : 11 Kw         (Anhui Wannan)
  • Glue pump motor: 2.2KW 1 set        (TaiwanCPG motor)
  • Main machine use belt and gear to transmit

g) Pneumatic control part

  • Cylinder on coating head: 63mm 2 pieces
  • Cylinder on laminating press roller: 100mm 2 pieces

h) Electric part

  • Main machine transducer: 7.5 KW; 1 piece  (Inovance)
  • Glue tank transducer: 2.2KW; 1 piece          (Inovance)
  • Temperature controller: digital PID (Delta)
  • Heater (coating head):           8KW
  • Touch screen:            10” 1set           (weinview)
  • PLC:  1 set     (Inovance)
  • Knob switch: several pcs       Schneider, France

8.      Main power switch: 2 group

Schneider, France

9.      A.C. contactor: 7 pieces

(Schneider, France)

10. Empty running breaker:


11. Intermediate relay: 4 pieces


12. Servo motor drive:

(Inovance, China)

        i)     Supporting facilities (Customer responsibility)

  • Power: XXXV / Xphase/XXHz        (three phase four wire system)
  • Barometric pressure: 6~8/kg/cm2
  • Water pressure: 2~3kg/cm2 (water temperature :10~16)
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