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Sticky Wrap Roll making machine

Sticky Wrap Roll making machine


Machine Type: Die coating Max.

Size of coating: 300mm, GSM: 15 to 60 Max.

Speed of coating : Speed 0- 15 mpm


M/c specifications:


Unwind : (2 Sets)

To hold 310 mm max. width material. 600 mm Dia. Max. 76 MM core ID. Powder Brake and Web Guide provided.


Coating Station:

Die coating. Accurate Temp. Control. All silicon rolls dynamic balanced. Back up roller Pneumatically operated Lamination



Dynamic balanced Metal roll & Silicone roll Operation & pressure Pneumatic Drive to the nip


Rewind :

Turret type. To hold 310 mm max. width material. 150 mm Dia. Max. or 100m rolls on turret. 76 MM core ID. Tapper tension controlled winding. AC Drive for controlled winding.



Tank capacity 5 Lit. Melting Capacity 5 Lit/hr liquid tank capacity 1.5 Lit. Pump Capacity 0.4 Lit/Min Accurate Temp. Control. Accurate flow control Hot melt



To Supply 0.4 Kgs/hr Length 2 m Accurate Temp. Control.


DIMENTIONS: 7 m X 1.5 m X 1.5 m



Total Electrical Load : Motors 6 HP, Heaters 5.1 KW

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