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Supper Clear BOPP Adhesive Tape Slitting Machine

Supper Clear BOPP Adhesive Tape Slitting Machine

A.    Full-automatic four-shaft turret for efficient working.
B.    Stepless speed regulation of frequency conversion and three step length setting provided for smooth rewinding operation to ensure accurate rewinding length. It can automatically decelerate and tall when operating at high speed.
C.    The unwinding tension is adopted with pneumatic braking control. The rewinding tension is adopted with the dual control equipped with the clutch and the independent slide setting for free adjustment of the tensile force.
D.    The banana roller is designed to eliminate tape wrinkling during extension and feeding. 
E.    Pneumatic brake stops the machine to an immediate halt for accurate positioning and labeling.

Main Technical Parameters:
Model    :                            TE 008 SC-1300
Effective width:                        1300 mm
Max. unwind diameter:                    800mm
Min. slitting width:                        18mm
Max. rewind diameter(shaft3") exchange 4 shafts    150mm
Max. rewind diameter(shaft3") exchange 2 shafts    300mm
Machine speed                        0-180m/min
Slitting blade                            100 pcs    
Main power                             5.5KW

2.    TE 202 Paper core cutting machine

1. It adopts circular blade cutting with cylinder auto knife feeding and auto unloading.
2. Cylinder movement is controlled by the valve and equipped with precise aluminum mold to ensure efficiency and quality.
Main Technical Parameters
Max. cutting width                500mm
Min. cutting width                12mm
I.D. of paper core                3''
Paper core thickness            3-5mm
Air pressure                    5kg/cm2

3.    TE 201 Paper core loading and unloading machine

Suitable for loading and unloading paper cores together with tape slitting machine. 
1. Suitable for auto unloading finished tapes and auto loading paper cores.
2. With easy operation, the operator only needs to put the paper cores into loading door and then press the button for swift loading paper cores.
3. Pneumatic operation control is adopted to ensure high efficiency.
Technical Parameters
Model:            1300mm
Working width:        1300mm
Paper core diameter:     3''
Working air pressure    5kg/cm2 
Mold of 1 size included    48 mm

4.    TE 203 Mini doctor rewinding machine

1. This unit is designed for rewinding of unqualified finished tape.
2. DC-motor driven rewinding shaft provides speed control.
3. A meter on the control panel allows tape rewinding length to be conveniently preset.
4. Weight 100Kg
5. Machine dimension (L*W*H) 65cm*77cm*61cm

Maximum rewinding diameter           Φ300mm
Maximum rewinding width                 100mm
Paper core inside diameter               Φ76.2mm
Rewinding speed                                 0-100M/Min

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