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Hot Melt Coating High Speed Machine for Sticker Paper

RTH Hot Melt Coating Machine is suitable for producing adhesive sticker, label paper. It is Manufactured in China by Xuteng Machinery Company Limited and Marketed by Trasy Enterprises in India.

The Machine in video has SLOT DIE coating method. Maximum available coating width is 1100mm. Coating thickness can be 12 to 50 GSM. Equality level is within ±2 GSM for coating of 20 to 45 gsm.

Maximum line speed of machine is 150 meters per minute. It has Maximum rewinding diameter capacity of 1000mm, the tension is controlled with load cell feed back and powder brakes for unwinding units. The Rewind has servo motor controlling system for tension-controlled winding.

Maximum unwinding diameter is 1000mm. The Roll weight can be up to 1000 Kilograms.

RP120H Pre melter unit provides 180 Kg per hour Melting speed of EVA 3000 centipoise 165 degree Centigrade.

The quantity of glue can be adjusted independently or synchronously with the main machine.

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