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Machines for making of Sticky Traps for Pest Control

Trasy Enterprise make all sorts machines for making of Sticky Traps for Pest Control. Hot Melt Adhesive Sticky Trap Pest Control means using a glue-based trap to capture and immobilize pests. These types of traps are usually made of cardboard with a layer of Sticky Hot Melt Glue. The card can also be folded into a tent shape or laid flat. The tent cover protects the adhesive surface from dust and other materials.

Yellow sticky traps are a common method for monitoring many pests, including aphids, whiteflies, and leafminer adults. Use of yellow sticky traps in seedling production areas at the rate of 1–2 traps/50–100 m2 can trap significant numbers of whiteflies. It is observed that yellow sticky traps significantly suppressed the population increase of adult and immature whiteflies in greenhouses.

Similarly, thrips are highly attracted to bright blue color; blue sticky traps can be set up every 2–3 m2 in a greenhouse for effective control.

Sticky Strap or Ropes and Sticky Glazed papers are used for House Flies control in Poultry and Dairy farms. The Mouse and Cockroaches Sticky Pads control the Pests in House hold, Restaurants and Warehouses.

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