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Pre Applied Waterproofing Membrane

Pre-Applied Waterproofing Membrane: Trasy Enterprises make Hot Melt Coating Machine for Pre- coated water proofing Membranes. The membrane is a composite of a non-woven fabric, a polypropylene, staple fiber, needle-punched, nonwoven geotextile fabric. It is laminated with elastom

eric membrane and coated with release paper. Once concrete is poured on it, the concrete cures and a mechanical bond is formed that secures the concrete to the membrane. The geotextile is resistant to ultraviolet degradation and to biological and chemical environments normally found in soils., It is used as a pre-applied waterproofing membrane in vertical applications where access to the site requires a pre-applied waterproofing membrane prior to pouring the foundation walls. The product can also be used for horizontal suspended balcony slabs that will receive a concrete topping. Compatible substrates include plywood and concrete. This Geo Membrane Provides a waterproof seal between the membrane and poured concrete wall or deck. It helps to prevent moisture migration into the structure.

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