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Revolutionize Your Production with HooK Loop Tape Adhesive Coating Machine

This machine is designed for the high production of Hook loop tape back coating with Pressure sensitive adhesives. This is popular because of the ease of application. Simply remove the release liner and press the tape in place. Pressure sensitive adhesives should always be considered semi-permanent bonds. Hot melt Pressure sensitive adhesives have been engineered to offer specific performance characteristics to meet different requirements.

Woven HOOK LOOP tapes have a binder coat which prevent fraying of the tapes when cut. Due to this coating, many adhesives will not adhere to the back of woven tape. Therefore, the use of a pre-coated adhesive backing is recommended.

This machine can coat hook and loop tapes, with adhesive which provide the strongest bond to the tape itself and can be made ready for instant bonding by application of heat, ultrasonic OR dielectric.

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