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Trasy Enterprises make a set of machines for Sterilization Flat Reels Making.

Even the most robust disinfection and sterilization processes can be rendered ineffective if the integrity of a sterilization pouch or its closure has been compromised during storage, handling and transportation.

That’s why Pack flat sterilization pouches and rolls have been designed to provide an effective microbial barrier that significantly minimizes the risk of recontamination after sterilization.

Trasy Enterprises is pioneer machine makers of such machines with experience of 27 years in this field. Our introduction of Pneumatic pressure sealing makes these reels a perfect solid seal that ensures a strong, secure, consistent seal. This ensures strong seal and also ensures easy peel and a perfect lint free paper and film separation.

This machine uses The Paper – Medical Grade Paper and Plastic – 2mL Polyester Cast Polypropylene, Blue tinted transparent film easily identifies compromise in film due to puncturing and tearing.

These Flat Sterilization Rolls and Pouches are intended for use at steam, ethylene oxide and formaldehyde sterilizers and provide an effective and safe solution against recontamination after sterilization.

Manufacturing Process: A set of Machines as Slitting, Printing and Pouch Making are required for making Sterilized Reel and Pouch

Slitting Machine:

This machine is used to convert the Jumbo rolls of the material like paper and plastic to the rolls of the smaller widths of required sizes.

Printing Machine:

A gravure printing machine is used to print 3 colours. Name of the manufacturer and size of the pouch is printed in one colour and other 2 colours are used to print indicator inks for steam/ ETO.


Sterilized Reel Pouch Making Machine.

This machine is specially used for making Medical Pouch, Sterilized Reel, Sterilized Pouch from two-layer material:

(1) Medical Grade Paper and Compound Film or

(2) Paper and Paper. (Medical bags.)

Making it seal through heating mould, collected at the rewinding device after cut by the slitting blade.

It is an ideal equipment used for making Sterilization Package, like Reel and Self Adhesive Pouch which has wide application in medical industry.



Main drive AC motor + inverter control.

The Sterilized Reel Pouch length is accurately controlled by servo motor incorporated with photocell sensor for greatly upgrading the production speed.

Twin shafts unwind stand suits for two layers of different materials and multi-line production which upgrades efficiency greatly.

Two sets of dancer-roller unit provide the stable feeding tension both upper and lower web.

Sealing Die auto ascending device which can prevent the material been overheated or broken when machine stop.

Equipped with microprocessor PID temperature controllers provide the most accurate and fastest heating performance.

Equipped with two sets of shear knives for reel or pouch partition.

PLC control system with Touch Screen HMI.

Optional accessories

Web guiding system (Edge), Gusset bag making device, Water cooling device.

Medical Roll winding device. (Twin shafts)

One can make products type like:

(1) flat open type pouch

(2) flat type reels

(3) gusset type pouches

(4) gusset type reels

(5) self-stand pouches, etc.

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